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This WebQuest is not really a WebQuest, but more of a quiz. Well, maybe it is a WebQuest. After all, you do have to go to Web sites on the Internet to find the answers to the questions. All the while, you will be learning all about the Constitution. The questions are divided among two topics. They are:

History of the Constitution

The Three Parts of the Constitution



As you read above, you will be taking a quiz on the Constitution. It is interactive. In other words, you'll know by clicking on the answers if you got the right answer. If you need help, I have given you a link to click on under each question where you can find the answer. If you have no idea what the answer is, click on the link. DON'T CHEAT! You must begin with the section called "History of the Constitution." When you are finished with each page, click the picture that looks like the one below to go on to the next page.

Your Assignment

It is very important that you actually click the links under the answers to each question and read over the information on the webpages. When you are finished with the webquest your assignment will be to write a one page summary of what you learned about the Constitution.

Download a notes page

Download the summary checklist


Click above to get started



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